A Tour of the Murchison 2006

After Cyclone Emma dumped a huge amount of water in the Murchison we decided that another expedition on the river was in order.

I phoned Simon Broad at Milly Milly and he told me the river was seven kilometres wide in places. We had no chance of getting to the homestead off the Byro Road so we determined to start wherever the water was.

On the way into the river, at Simon’s request, we placed a cover over the exhaust pipe of the grader that had been left on the track.

It was hot and humid and took a long time to get the expedition underway.

Greg Barndon, Sean Stocker and myself retraced our journey south for the first checkpoint with the boat crew. It wasn’t till the first checkpoint that we realised no-one in the boat crew had a camera. The land crew got ahead of the water and went into Murchison Crossing to rv with the boat crew.

At Billabalong we ascertained that the Coolcalalaya Road was closed so we were unable to send the boats further downriver – we would not be able resupply them. There was no option but to head back to the North West Coastal Highway. We tried a number of  tracks heading west, eventually refuelling at Yuna before connecting with the highway at Isseka. Then back to Perth.

Text by Kim Epton

32 photopgraphs
350 words