Bodallin Soak XXX kilometres east of Perth

XX kilometres from Westonia.

XX kilometres from Merredin.

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In February 1865 Hunt's team opened out the native well at Bodallin but were unable to build a stone well until logistical issues were resolved:

8 March 1865. The party ... had opened out a well to a small depth ..., unfortunately they are now standing still untill I arrive with the drays, to cut stone and timber for building them up with, and it being impossible to stone up the wells as in fact do anything to them until everything is ready by the side of the well as they are generaly sunk in soft sandy ground, falling in as fast as the men can throw it out.

13 March 1865. Monday... . 9h a.m. party engaged collecting stone, timber etc. 8h p.m. team engaged carting stone to the well.

14 March 1865. Tuesday. ... the party engaged sinking the well and stoning up. 4h p.m. completed the well, though not a good supply, I think sufficient for passing purposes and doubtless after the first winter there will be a good and constant supply.