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Restored and in good condition. Maintained by Shire.


The restored well at Tammin (known as Hunt’s Well) is more than likely a well that was constructed in the 1890’s gold rush era. The existing well bears no relationship to the measurements of the well as stated by Hunt. Regardless of its authenticity it is quite often confused with nearby Tammin Tank.

The ‘Hunt’s Well’ is located south of the wheatbelt town of Tammin on the Goldfields Road.

3 February 1865 … at Tammin, no two persons agreeing on the same amount though I have never found it fail in the dryest months, having been here five separate times of the year…

 4 February 1865. Saturday. During the early part of the day, the working party engaged sinking well, having made a hole about 10 feet long by 7 feet broad and 6 feet deep, by noon we obtained a plentiful supply of water for traveling purposes.

6 February 1865. Monday. At 5h a.m. strong easterly wind. Party engaged quaring [sic] stone, cutting and carting timber to the well. 4h p.m. finished stoning up and covering in, this well is but 10 feet deep by 9 feet by 7 broad, a very fair supply of water, though baled out three times.