Doodlakine Well

We packed and left our camp at Mindebooka early on Sunday morning and drove to nearby Metchering Well.

From Metchering we headed north to Doodlakine Well to clean it up.

After cleaning up Doodlakine Well we headed west on Goldfields Road and stopped at the incongruously-named Shark Mouth Rock. More like a goanna. Or a tortoise. Or a dolphin. Or a dozen other forms of animal life that come to mind before a shark. The wattle trees were blooming.

Just down the road is Marranobbing Well.

Leaving the Goldfields Road we drove through Kellerberrin and continued south towards Kokerbin Rock. Jon left us at this point for an appointment in York. The roads took us around the eastern base of Mount Stirling. That was a very interesting and scenic drive.

Kokerbin Rock is the third largest monolith in Australia – after Ayers Rock and Walga Rock (although that is disputed).

On the south-western side of the rock is a fine example of a dry rock pioneer well.

From Kokerbin we returned home through Pantapin, Quairading, and York.

Pics and text by Kim Epton