Southern Forests and Beaches

The 2350 kilometre Great Southern Road Trip actually traverses the Peel, South-West, Great Southern and Wheatbelt regions of Western Australia. While only about 37% of the Road Trip is in the Great Southern region, it is a ‘Great’ road trip and its focus is ‘Southern’.

It consists of 20 Main Routes and 14 Optional Routes. Three Alternative Routes are included if rivers crossings are impassable or a beach is inaccessible.

It is conveniently divided into eight Sections, each finishing at a town for easy resupply of fuel, food and water. The Road Trip passes through other smaller resupply points as well as some of the most spectacular scenery Western Australia has to offer.

The Great Southern Road Trip is designed for self sufficient, well equipped four wheel drivers. Track conditions can vary (including up to ‘extreme’) depending on weather and in all cases there are alternatives, also known as, for some, the ‘chicken route’ and, for the thinking man, asĀ  ‘the way to camp’.

100s of highlights, 60 campsites, 20 side trips.

Plenty of campsites throughout the Road Trip route remove any time pressure to complete a section. These campsites are on the route itself or entail a detour of only a few kilometres.

Spring, summer and autumn are the best times to make the Road Trip. Unless you like cold, wet and miserable, avoid winter.