How We Operate

We aim to have fun and enjoy our Road Trips away into the great outdoors. Sometimes people’s actions or lack of thought impact adversely on everyone else so we have devised this list of ‘infractions’ (and the remedy/penalty) to help everyone achieve the aims of fun and enjoyment.
Vehicle rollover. $50
Getting lost on a walk to or from an attraction $50 Double if not carrying your Day Bag.
Not bringing cocktails. $cost of cocktails No cocktails on ‘weekend’ trips.
Not paying the ‘Non Refundable Minimum Fines Base’ or not having the cash available to pay it. $10 NRMFB must be paid next trip in addition to fine.
Not stopping at a corner or change of direction. $10
Passing a road train/truck and then slowing down. $10 In addition to abuse by truckie.
Attempting an obstacle before the vehicle in front has cleared it. $5 Plus any cost of damage to other vehicle.
Dusting the convoy (or part thereof). $5 In addition to abuse by everyone.
Vehicle breaking down due to poor maintenance. $5
Heading directly home on the last day of trip. $5 Exempt if you have a doctor’s certificate.
Any eBay purchase that fails. $2 Alibaba purchases also subject to scrutiny.
Last to have tyres inflated. $2 Doubled if air compressor is an eBay purchase.
Last to have camp packed. $2
Camping or socialising away from the main group. $2 each
Going back into shop/toilet just as convoy is about to depart. $2
Not filling up with fuel before setting up camp. $2
Generator. $2
Trip Leader missing turnoffs. $2
Falling asleep during fines session. $2
Starting vehicle before 7.30 a.m. $1 Exempt if doing repairs.
Not turning on radio. $1 Applied if TL has to go to your vehicle.
Expletives on radio. $1 Can be paid in advance if you need to vent.
Excessive and unnecessary expletives in mixed company. $1
Burnt damper. $1
Talking during pre-departure briefing or turning up late. $1