Kodjerning Rock

Kodjerning Well is near a low lying rock by the same name within a few metres of the road and is sign posted. A fence surrounds the well to prevent animals falling into it.

Hunt’s party constructed this well in 1865. He recorded:

21 April 1865. Friday. … start for Kookoordine by way of Kodgering …. At this place I entend to make another well, as there is every indication of permanent water and stone, to stone it up with.

Hunt re-visited Kodjerning in 1866 and doubtless didn’t have his 1865 Report with him when he made his made his entry in his Journal for 21 July 1866:

… at 7am started for Kookoordine – in route passing Kodjerning Govt. well distant from last halt abt. 7 miles by track the well I found containing 2 ft 9 ins of water – about the same as when dug – in March 1865

From Hunt’s ‘List of Reserves and Stopping Places’

Situated about (4) chains from the northern edge of flat granite rock of same name.

Recommended that (10) acres be reserved, the well to form the center.

Marked tree about (10) chains on the track to Koorkoordine – on the left of track.

Measurement Note

There are 100 links in a chain (an early attempt at metrication??). The distance between the stumps on a cricket pitch is one chain (22 yards) – 20.1168 m.

There are 10 chains in a furlong, and 80 chains in one statute mile.

An acre is the area of 10 square chains.


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