In Australia there is not much difference between Overlanding and long distance Road Trips.

Overlanding is often defined as travel to more remote and less frequented places on mostly unsealed roads or tracks. See above.

Overlanding journeys can be as long as required (permanent lifestyle touring) or as short as perhaps ten days. Some people suggest that Overlanding is more about the journey than the destination, however, in Australia, virtually by default, the journey to most of the country’s iconic destinations entails long distance, self sufficient, off grid travel and camping (Overlanding).

The Overlanding journeys listed here are a minimum of ten days’ duration and sometimes much longer – to some truly iconic destinations. Slowly the best kept secret in the overlanding/4WD touring world – Western Australia and its vast open distances, beautiful beaches, amazing gorges, incredible national parks, remote deserts, and stunning coasts – is becoming more widely known. Our isolation as a remnant of Gondwanaland in the Southern Hemisphere has so far protected our pristine environment and ensures that anyone can have a world-class outdoors experience.


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Overlanding in the Southern Forest (In Preparation)

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