Weowanie Track

Weowanie Track is not very technical nor does it provide challenging four wheel driving. It is, however, hard on vehicles.

The Track runs due north from Karalee for 16 kilometres to Weowanie Tank. Allow two hours. It is part of the 600 kilometre long Hunt Track.

Hard, sharp branches of the acacias will scratch vehicles non stop for four kilometres. There is no turning back, there is no way to turn around. Reversing isn’t an option.

Eventually the fire-hardened acacias give way to eucalypts and the track opens out to woodland.

The Karalee-Weowanie Track is in the Great Western Woodlands, the planet’s largest remaining area of Mediterranean climate woodland.

The reward at the end of the Track is great camping spots at Weowanie Rock, magnificent sunset views and the opportunity to visit historic Weowanie Tank, one of C.C. Hunt’s wells. All accessible by other, much easier tracks than the Karalee-Weowanie Track.

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