Lake Arrowhead to Pilot Rock

A short trip to Pilot Rock in the San Bernadino National Forest. The off road trip started on Forest Road 2N24, just north of the settled areas of Lake Arrowhead.

Forest Road 2N24

This a short dirt road that starts north of St Bernard Lane, Lake Arrowhead and connects with the sealed CA173 after 2.5 kilometres. A relatively easy rocky track with a few sections that require attention.

This Forest Road connects with the Pilot Rock Track via a short section of CA173 (bitumen). After a little more than a kilometre I turned onto the Pilot Rock Track – officially known as Forest Road 2N33.

Forest Road 2N33 (Pilot Rock Road)

This track runs from CA73 to Silverwood Lake, a distance of 23 kilometres. I had time to go only to Pilot Rock.

It is a very well used track, not without the occasional gutter, washout or rocky patch that concentrates the mind on the task at hand.

Fairly sure these are Mule Deer. Obviously used to reasonably close contact with humans.

Even early in the season the track was dry and dusty.

Pilot Rock is distinctive.

On the return journey I encountered numerous motorcycles and 4WDs, well setup and obviously intending to camp somewhere along the track, or perhaps at Lake Silverwood. Known as ‘dispersed camping’ in the US. Merely camping in Australia.

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