Pai to Chiang Mai

Leaving Pai

We left Pai early, heading east on Route 1095. It was foggy for the first part of the journey – not ideal conditions for mountain driving with lots of turns, curves and bends. Fortunately there was not much traffic.

Leaving Pai it is difficult to comprehend why the 133 kilometre drive will take three hours. The first few kilometres out of Pai Valley are fairly benign. However, the climb up the mountains gives one gets an appreciation of why Route 1095 has its reputation.

The main focus of the drive to Chiang Mai is ‘stay out of trouble’. Defensive driving. Always be ready for the unthinking, idiot driver who cuts corners and will run you off the road … or worse.

Chiang Mai

It is 133 kilometres from Pai to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is a busy, ancient city, third/fourth largest in Thailand (same size as Korat). The traffic is complicated (read made worse) by the ancient wall and moat that creates the Inner City. The bonus is that you get an appreciation of the city’s history  while stuck in traffic.

We eventually found accommodation virtually on Walking Street.

Wat Chetta

This wat is in the ancient city (inner city), conveniently located only metres from our accommodation. Unfortunately it is inside a school site behind bars and able to viewed only from the street and behind the bars that surround it. Put the camera inside the bars!

More photographs and information.

Tha Phae Gate

The Tha Phae Gate gate, on the eastern wall of the city, dates back to 1296 when King Manorai founded Chiang Mai. It was reconstructed in 1985-86 by the Fine Arts Department and Chiang Mai Municipality based on historical, archeological and photographic (1890s) evidence.

Wat Chedi Luang

More photographs and information.

Wat Chiang Mun

More photographs and information.

The day’s travel took us through the Provinces of Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai.


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