Part 11 – Alice Springs

Day 26 In Alice Springs

Alice Springs, the desert capital of Australia, was flooded.

It had been raining for some days before we arrived in ‘The Alice’. Our temporary home at the caravan park was wet, muddy and uncomfortable.

Tammy was unwell and needed a rest.  We had been going at a fairly fast pace.  A few days resting would be therapeutic.

We did, however, take time to visit the spring named after Alice Todd, wife of Charles, Postmaster General of South Australia, after whom the town got its name.

A full gallery of photographs of the old Telegraph Station is here.

Day 27 In Alice Springs

The weather cleared and we had a beautiful Centralian day at the Alice Springs Desert Park. This is truly one of best attractions in The Alice, particularly if you are there for the raptor display and feeding.

One could easily spend a full day at the Desert Park. See more exhibits here.

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