Afghan Rock

The name Afghan Rock is derived from an incident in 1894 when three men carting stores to Kurnalpi came upon a party of 19 Afghans with 104 camels camped at this place.

The only water at the rocks was in a small crevice. One of the men, Ted Knowles, got into an argument with an Afghan who had washed his feet in the water. Knowles shot and killed one Afghan and wounded another who died a few days later at Albany.

The man killed at the rock was buried there and as a result the rock subsequently came to be known as Afghan Rock.

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More detailed information, without the PC baggage that inevitably accompanies any paraphrasing of stories of ‘multicultural’ incidents, may be found in the book, The Incident at Afghan Rocksedited by P.J. Bridge, J. Crocker, S. Gullefer, I. Murray and G. Dreezens, and published by Hesperian Press.

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