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The 25 trips listed below are probably the last of the power dinghy expeditions.

Murchison River Expedition 2020

Furthest upriver ever - 556 km from the mouth.

The Murchison Floods March 2006

Galena Bridge, Hardabut Rapids and Kalbarri.

A Tour of the Murchison March 2006

From Milly Milly Station to Billabalong Station after Cyclone Emma flooded the Murchison River.

Murchison River Expedition January 2006

From Yallalong Station to Galena Bridge and then from Kalbarri upriver to 4Ways.

Riverland Safari 2004

Along the back creeks of the Murray between Renmark and Wentworth and then along a section of Australia’s longest river, the Darling.

Murchison River Expedition 2004

From Milly Milly Crossing 525 kilometres from the river mouth at Kalbarri through to Billabalong Station over the March long weekend.

Riverina Run 2003

One thousand kilometres along the Edward, Wakool and Murray Rivers from Picnic Point, New South Wales to Renmark, South Australia.

Upper Murray 2003

From Quindanning to Tumlo Plantation on the upper Murray River, Western Australia after good opening winter rains.

Renmark to The Coorong 2002

Six hundred kilometres down the Murray River in South Australia from Waikerie to Goolwa and then up The Coorong.

Duranillin Expedition 2002

A three boat expedition from Duranillan to Bridgetown.

Upper Moore River 1999

From Gillingarra on the upper Moore River.

Flood Mud and Boats 1997

The third expedition on the Murchison River started from Murchison Crossing in April 1997.

Blackwood Source Expedition 1997

The upper Blackwood River was explored from Ualling Crossing to Bridgetown in September 1997 in preparation for the inaugural River Race held in 1998.

Preston and Collie Rivers 1996

In October 1996 a short trip was made down the previously un-navigated Preston River and Collie River in Western Australia’s South West.

Boating on the Nullarbor 1995

Power dinghies on the amazing Lake Boonderoo on the Nullarbor Plain after it had flooded for only the second time in more than 220 years.

No Wimps Allowed 1995

The spectacular Kalbarri Gorges of the Murchison River were tackled in a five boat, 15 man expedition in March 1995. The Expedition started on the biggest floods in fifty years. This was to be the expedition to complete the full length of the boatable extent of the Murchison River. Unfortunately, the floodwaters determined otherwise.

Murchison River Expedition 1994

A three boat, eleven man expedition fought falling floodwaters and 45Oheat in March 1994 to make the first ever boat trip down the Murchison River, Western Australia’s second longest waterway.

Blackwood Source Expedition 1994

The largest continuously flowing river in Western Australia, the Blackwood was traced from its source for the first time in August 1994. A four boat, thirteen man Expedition navigated waters that had never before been successfully tackled.

Murray River Expedition 1993

The Murray River Expedition ’93 was a non-stop 2000 kilometre dash down the Murray River from Yarrawonga Weir, Victoria to Goolwa in South Australia that smashed the previous record by a massive 13 hours.

Upper Blackwood Expedition '92

In November 1992 the upper reaches of the biggest river in Western Australia’s south were explored during the Upper Blackwood Expedition.

Murray Sprint 1986

The Murray Sprint was a non-stop record attempt on the 2225 kilometre trip down the Murray River from Hume Weir, Albury, NSW to Goolwa, SA.

A freakish 'one in a 100 year' cyclone hit Adelaide and the Riverland. Our Support Crew pulled us off the water at Swan Hill at 1.00.a.m. before hypothermia set in.

Circumstances beyond our control - but still a fail.

Twin Rivers Expedition 1985

In October of 1985 the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers were tackled by power dinghy for the first time. This three boat, 2000 kilometre expedition was filmed for news features on the Nine Network.

Murray River (WA) Expedition 1983

In October 1983 a five boat trip was made down this wild river from Tumlo Plantation to Scarp Pool.

Darling Descent '82

The Darling Descent ’82 is the longest journey ever made on a river in Australia. It was first time the Darling River had been fully navigated. It was the first time Australia's longest river had ever been navigated. Six boats powered 3500 kilometres down the Darling River in just 114 hours in March 1982 to complete a journey that had never before been made (though some had tried) and it has never been repeated nor ever will.

One of Australia's great boat journeys.

Update 2018. I put the 'never will be repeated' challenge out there and it went viral overnight with the keyboard warriors making all sorts of claims. Their hyperbole died an embarrassing death.

Update 2022. The floods in eastern Australia caused a number of groups to get excited about tackling/breaking this record. I proffered whatever support they wanted. They all failed for very good and legitimate reasons. But they still failed. I hope they eventually get on the water.

Murray River Expedition 1981

In March 1981 the 18 man Murray River Expedition smashed the existing 18 day record when it completed the 2225 kilometre Albury/Goolwa journey in 8 days.

An attempt on this record will be made in October 2024. It will be successful and will be reported here.

The Oxley campsite coming to life with the sunrise.


This combination of power dinghies on a full Ponton Creek with a train in the background is a sight unlikely to ever be repeated.



Leaving the Waikerie Lock.

Alan leaves the boats.

At least the boats don't need to be carried around.

Greg and Margot negotiate Punkah Bridge.

Ian and Todd fooling around on the Darling River.

Dinghies in line.

Cam and Kim ham it up.