Darling Descent ’82 – 3500 km down the Darling River

The Darling Descent ’82 was the longest journey ever made on a river in Australia. It was first time the Darling River had been fully navigated. It was the first time Australia's longest river had ever been navigated.

Six boats powered 3500 kilometres down the Darling River in just 114 hours in March 1982 to complete a journey that had never before been made (though some had tried) and it has never been repeated nor ever will.

One of Australia's great boat journeys was filmed for a Channel 9 news feature.

About the River

How It Was Done

The Expedition Before the Expedition


The Photo-Essay of the Expedition:


Contributions from members of the expedition to this article were compiled and collated by Ted Whitney.
Many participants supplied photographs, particularly Greg McBean of Overlander magazine.
The final text was written by Kim Epton.

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