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Land, air and water based.

By foot, in four wheel drives, in two wheel drives, on motorcycles, in power dinghies, on yachts, in race cars, by tuk tuk, train, ferry, helicopter, slow boat, and rental car.

Essentially written for those directly involved, there is still much of interest for the armchair adventurer and those seeking information for their own travels. Apart from the photo essays/reports, this website also includes a few helpful and interesting articles that you may find useful when the need for adventure arises.

Some examples of the more than 140 Trip photo essays on this website:

From the WA/SA Border Along the Beach.

Experts Say It’s Impossible. They’re Wrong.

Break a Leg!

Australia’s longest ever boat journey.

Lowest point on the planet.

World’s Largest Tombstone.

Source of a river. How cool is that?