Explorers’ Wells’ Project

The Explorers’ Wells’ Project aims to restore and protect as many as possible of the wells built by our early explorers, concentrating on those of C.C. Hunt.

The precursor to the Explorers’ Wells’ Project was the establishment of the York to Goldfields Heritage Trail in 1988, driven by Merredin farmer Kevin Cahill, and Kim Epton. Details of this trail are in the 1988 publication Heritage Trails in Western Australia by Avril S. O’Brien.

In 1991 the Water Authority of Western Australia published The Wells of Explorer Charles Hunt: An assessment of their condition and historical significance as a groundwater resource.

In December 1995 Kim Epton, Ian Elliot, Neil Jeanes and Tony Overstone made a tour of many of Hunt’s Wells and Camps, photographing the wells and noting their condition. In 1996 Hesperian Press published C.C. Hunt’s Koolyanobbing Expedition by Kim Epton.

Anna and Peter Killigrew of Koora Retreat, Koorarawalyee maintain a number of wells in their vicinity including Koorarawalyee, Karalee, Caroling and Morlining.

Stuart Kostera has established a large database of wells during his bush travels.

The Wells

Reconnaissance Trips

Well Refurbishments

Re-creation of Hunt’s Track