Driving on the Beach

Ensure you have permission to be where you are.
Are you insured?
Check signage.
Road rules apply on the beach.
Obey road rules when approaching traffic on the beach (stay left).
Have the right equipment.
Fit a tall flag on the front of your vehicle.
Ensure that your rego plate is secured, particularly if going through water.
Protect your eyes from glare. Wear sunglasses – preferably Polaroids.
Don’t drive on vegetation.
Lower tyre pressure/increase footprint.
Drive up the beach towards the dunes to turn around.
Park facing the facing the water.
Don’t turn sharply.
Rool to a stop – don’t brake.
Don’t spin your wheels.
Take off slowly.
Maintain momentum.
Watch your temp gauge.
Be aware of the beach conditions – continuously.
Check tides.
Be aware that you will use more fuel when travelling on a beach.
Use correct recovery techniques and safety precautions.
Never turn on a dune/slope.
Straight up or straight down a dune – never at an angle.
Don’t follow too close to the vehicle in front.
Secure your gear after a recovery/check you have it all (sometimes MaxxTrax get buried, shackles get dropped into soft sand).
Turn off any traction or stability controls.
Keep your thumbs pointing out from the steering wheel.
Keep revs high (mostly).
As a general rule use low range. High range if the surface is firm.
Pause/brake/slow down at the top of dunes.
If bogged, try moving your vehicle backwards and forwards.
Don’t give up.
Don’t block tracks when reinflating tyres when off the beach.
Wash your vehicle underneath afterwards.