Norseman is a goldmining town situated at the junction of the Eyre Highway and the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway, 194 kilometres south of Kalgoorlie and 203 north of Esperance.

It was named by Lawrence S. Sinclair in July 1894 after his horse. Sinclair discovered gold on the Norseman line of reefs, known as Goodliffs Find. He was an early settler of Esperance.

The Norseman townsite was surveyed by Surveyor W.H. Angove in March and April 1895 after the locality was selected by Warden Arthur Hicks and Surveyor Angove in March 1895. The townsite was gazetted on 24 May 1895.


Reference: Geological Survey Bulletin No.21 W.A. 1906.