Ponton Creek

The explorer David Lindsay named Ponton Creek in September 1891 after its discoverers, Stephen and William Ponton.  For many years the creek was also known as Goddard Creek or Yandallah Creek.  W.P. Goddard, while examining the country east of Lake Lefroy, discovered the south end of the creek that was named after him.

In 1919 a Mines Department geologist, H.W.B. Talbot, crossed the centre of the creek and gave it the local aboriginal name of Yandallah.  The confusion over the name of the creek continued until 1964 when the name of Ponton Creek was adopted.  It rarely flows but it is a long creek – 300 kilometres in length – and begins with overflow from Lake Raeside (W.A.’s longest lake) and Lake Rebecca.  Ponton Creek flows into Lake Boonderoo although this has occurred only once since European settlement [Cyclone Bobby caused it to overflow into Lake Boonderoo for only the second time,  in 1995 – allowing us to make an amazing trip to the lake].