First Variety Club Bash 1989

Mario Ambrosino and I heard of the first Variety Club Bash five weeks before it started, purchased a Falcon XP ute, and actually entered after the closing date. Through Mario’s efforts and building industry contacts, Team Dingaroo was the highest fundraiser. The ‘Bash’ has flourished since this inaugural ‘drive through the bush with mates’ and raises millions of dollars for the children’s charity.

The inaugural Bash started in Fremantle and travelled through the Murchison and north-east goldfields to finish at Kalgoorlie.

Elements of the Army’s RAEME unit followed the Bash to provide a breakdown and repair service for all involved.


Channel 7 staff were a part of the Bash and Grant Woodham’s nightly weather reports were televised live from each overnight stop. Helicopter resupply  and satellite relaying equipment were all part of the massive logistical exercise to make that happen.

The Murchison had never seen anything like the Variety Club Bash.

The Landor Bush Races were a highlight of the Bash.

The fast moving Bash headed from the Murchison into the north-east goldfields.

All the cars regrouped at Broad Arrow and drove into Kalgoorlie in a procession with Team Dingaroo in car 169 leading the way as the highest fundraisers.

The Bash procession finished at the Kalgoorlie racecourse.

The Finale of the inaugural Bash was was a Trophy Presentation at the town hall. Participants dressed in their team ‘uniform’.

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