Touch the Desert

The Plan for this 10 day, 3200 kilometre adventure was to travel Dunns Track from Cocanarup to Norseman, refuel there and head to Fraser Range from where we would drive to Zanthus, a siding on the Trans Australia Railway. We would then head north to Cundeelee, Queen Victoria Springs and Streich Mound. We would then make our way across Queen Victoria Desert, Australia’s largest, past Lake Minigwal and abandoned Burtville to Laverton. We would then tour through the Goldfields, arriving at Goongarrie, the start of the Gus Luck Track. This would bring us out at Yellowdine from where we would tackle the Mt Palmer Track on the way to Narembeen and Beverley, before arriving back in Perth.

We managed to follow the Plan – with a couple of variations – more closely than on most Trips.

Dunns Track

Great Victoria Desert


Gus Luck Track

Mt Palmer Track