Day 13 – Kingston on Murray to Murray Bridge

Thursday 25 March 1982

Everyone was looking forward to seeing the cliffs of the lower Murray.

The fuel problems continued into the early part of the morning. 45 minutes were lost with various stoppages.  Fresh fuel at Lock 2 and then again at Sinclairs Flat appeared to solve the problem.

Kilometre after kilometre of cliffs of all colours provided the most spectacular scenery of the Expedition.

The 100 metre high cliffs gave the support crews fantastic views as they leapfrogged from vantage point to vantage point.

Houseboats, river cruisers and pleasure boats were everywhere.  There are very few bridges across the river and for many kilometres ferries are often the only means of crossing the river.

The crew in the bus made their way onto a ferry at Walkers Flat and were able to persuade the ferry driver to stop in the middle of the river so they photograph the boats coming in to refuel.

The overnight stop was at the Murray Bridge Caravan Park.  It was quite dark by the time the boat crews arrived.

Now that the Expedition was in ‘civilisation’ the boats could not be just left on the bank.  Security precautions meant a 200 metre haul to the campsite.  The local police visited the Expedition’s campsite and paid particular attention to the security of the craft.


 Departed Kingston on Murray 0700    
Lock 3 0718    
Lock 2 1013    
Sinclair Flat 1256    
Lock 1 1329    
Walker Flat 1542    
Mannum 1733    
Murray Bridge 1845    
Running Time 10 hours 40 mins 100 hours 11 mins 110 hours 51 mins
Refuelling 30 mins 7 hours 08 mins 7 hours 38 mins
Delays 35 mins 17 hours 32 mins 18 hours 07 mins
TOTAL TIME 11 hours 45 mins 124 hours 51mins 136 hours 36mins
Distance 322 kilometres 2988 kilometres 3312 kilometres
Average Speed 30.8 kmh 28.2 kmh 29.9 kmh

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