Day 2 – Texas to Goondiwindi

Sunday 14 March 1982

The boat crew spent an uncomfortable night on the river bank with only a large tarpaulin for shelter.  With no-one wanting to sleep in and no breakfast dishes to wash, it was an early start towards Goondiwindi.

Just downriver from Texas the noise of the boats disturbed a colony of fruit bats.  They took to the air in their thousands, screeching their disapproval at the intrusion into their territory.  Fruit bats cause great problems to the local farmers.

The Boat Crews decided that Cunningham Weir, at 3.5 metres high with 1.5 metre stoppers at the bottom, was just a little too high to jump.  This is another stepped weir. Farther downriver Glenarbon Weir, about one metre high and not quite a sheer drop, was a much easier proposition.

After much difficulty the crew in Escort managed to get through to Glenarbon and deliver food and fuel to the boat crews.  The crew in the bus were able to move out of Yelarbon by 11.00 a.m. and head towards Goondiwindi.

As the boats approached the Macintyre River Junction the water level rose markedly.  It was almost a banker, being the peak of the highest floods since 1976.

The boat crews reached Goondiwindi around 1.00 p.m. and set about hauling the boats up steep banks.  Hot and very humid conditions didn’t help.

The bus crew arrived in Goondiwindi about twenty minutes after the boats.  As the next access for vehicles was uncertain, due to flooding, it was decided to make the overnight stop at Goondiwindi Caravan Park, not far from the centre of town and within easy access of the boats.


Departed Texas Bridge 0719
Cunningham Weir 0827
Departed Cunningham Weir 0900
Glenarbon Weir 0920
Departed Glenarbon Weir 0941
Gelorbon (Fuel stop) 1008
Departed Gelorbon 1040
Keetah Bridge 1053
Macintyre River Junction 1209
Goondiwindi (overnight) 1259
Running Time 4 hours 00 mins 2 hours 55 mins 6 hours 55mins
Refuelling  32 mins 49 mins 1 hour 21 mins
Delays 1 hr 08 mins 36 mins 1 hour 44mins
TOTAL TIME 5 hours 40 mins 4 hours 20 mins 10 hours 00mins
Distance 129 kilometres 79 kilometres 208 kilometres
Average Speed 32.3 kmh 27.1 kmh 30.1 kmh

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