Transport of six boats, 18 people, three vehicles, two trailers and ten tonne of gear 3400 kilometres from Perth to Albury on a limited budget takes a bit of coordinating.

Harvey Webster and I were the first to leave Perth, travelling in Harvey’s Toyota Landcruiser SWB four wheel drive, towing the Dinghy Touring Club trailer on top of which was the boat specially designed to compete in the Edward River Race.

David Payne, Ivan Helm and John Mole travelled to Albury in a six ton Ford truck carrying Sunshine, a 1927 Buick pickup, towing a dual axle trailer with six boats. Total all up weight was ten tons. Sunshine unloaded at Albury and operated as a support/refuelling vehicle throughout the expedition.

The remaining thirteen expedition members travelled by scheduled Pioneer coach from Perth to Albury.


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