Jerdacuttup River

The source of the Jerdacuttup River is 26 kilometres north of Ravensthorpe at current day Hayes Road. It flows generally south-south-east, then south for 115 kilometres and empties into Jerdacuttup Lake on the coast. This lake does not communicate with the Southern Ocean.

The river flows to the north of the Ravensthorpe Range. The Moolyall Creek is a tributary of the Jerdacuttup River and would extend its length by 15 kilometres.

The name for the river was recorded by surveyor C.D. Price in 1875-76. It is an aboriginal (Noongar) word of unknown meaning.

The following series of photographs were taken easter 2016 when much of southern Western Australia was flooded.

Price also recorded alternative versions of this name as ‘Jerdacat’ or ‘Verdicat’ River.

The river normally flows only during winter.

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