Cocklebiddy is small roadhouse community 1160 kilometres east of Perth on the Eyre Highway. It provides motel accommodation, a caravan park, a restaurant and fuel – serving the needs of travellers crossing what is erroneously but commonly termed the Nullarbor Plain. The true Nullarbor is to the north of the Eyre Highway.

It was once the site of an aboriginal mission.  The ruins are visible at the rear of the Roadhouse. Cocklebiddy was a major depot during the hectic wartime construction days of the East-West Road in 1941-42 (named Eyre Highway in 1943).

The name Cocklebiddy was first recorded by surveyor G.R. Turner in 1885 but its origin is unknown. Explorer/surveyor S.G. Hubbe referred to it as Cockleberry during explorations in 1896 and he stated that an early traveller, J.C. Thompson, erroneously referred to it as Cockbilly.

Arubiddy Station and Moonera Station to the north of the roadhouse are huge pastoral enterprises (sheep) bigger than some sovereign countries.


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