Cockleshell Gully

The name for this watercourse was shown as early as 1848 by Assistant Surveyor A.C. Gregory (he of Mount Augustus fame) on his plan entitled Explorations in the Northern Districts. It was shown on the map of what was known as the time as ‘the cart track to Champion Bay’ dated 1850. It flows generally westwards from near Mt. Peron into lakes to the north of Jurien Bay. 

Cockleshell Gulley was mentioned by E.T. (Tim)  Hooley, leader of a small northern exploring party, in 1865. Walter Padbury, an early settler in the district, was leasing land along this gully as early as 1868. 

None of the surveyors, explorers, settlers or map makers gave a derivation for the name.

The farm through which Cockleshell Gully runs is still operating today.


E.C. Dean, Plan of Victoria District, 1868.