How To Link To A Specific Location In A Different Webpage

How to Link to a Specific Location on a Different Webpage
How to Upload a PDF document
Downloading GPX Files

This website is essentially a Travel Blog and I have the occasional need to create links, and upload PDFs, and allow GPX files to be downloaded.

There is plenty of information on the Web about how to link to a specific position on the same webpage but very little about linking to a specific position on a different webpage. And what I could find didn’t work for me.

Information on uploading/linking PDFs is not very clear.

The perceived wisom is that you can’t dowload GPX files from a WordPress site

So the information below is to remind me how to complete the tasks. It may be useful for you which is why I have published it.

How to Link to a Specific Location on a Different Webpage

The directions below are for the WordPress Classic Editor in TEXT VIEW, however, the same principles should apply for other website builders.

Target Webpage (the place you want readers to arrive at)

In the Target Webpage set up the place to where you want the link from the Linking Page to be directed. This place is the Target, aka Anchor or Bookmark:

<h2><a id=”prasat-hin-khao-phanom-rung“></a>Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung</h2>


a id=”prasat-hin-khao-phanom-rung

is the Target name to be used in the Link and:

Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung

is the text to where the Link will go.

Linking Page (the place readers are at now)

In the Linking Page, at the text that you want to be the Link, insert this code to send the viewer off to the Target:

<a href=”“>Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung</a>


is the Target URL and:


is the position within that webpage to where you want the reader to be taken – the Target.

How to Test the Link

Open the Target Webpage.
Paste the Link in the Address Bar.
Press Enter/Return.
If the Link is correctly configured it will go to the Target.


How to Upload a PDF document

WordPress treats a PDF as an image so treat the document as you would a photograph or image.

Upload the PDF to Media Library.

Highlight text where the PDF is to be downloaded.

Select Add Media.

Choose the PDF document from the Media Library.

Select Insert into Page.


Downloading GPX Files

WordPress prevents GPX files being downloaded, citing security risks.

Zip the file to be downloaded

Upload it.

Link to it.

It can then be downloaded.



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