Moore River

The Moore River rises near Walebing and Miling and flows about 193 kilometres into the Indian Ocean at Guilderton.

It was named by Private Patrick Hefferon (or ‘Heffron’) during an exploring expedition in May 1836 after George Fletcher Moore (1798-1863), the leader of the expedition.

Moore was an early settler at Millendon on the Swan River and Advocate General of the Swan River Colony.

Moore wrote in his journal:

“Handing the flask to Hefferon to qualify his draught, he said, ‘Sir, you are the first to see this river, here I think, you have a right to name it; I’ll christen it, if you please, Sir, the “River Moore” and so he made his libation, but not on the ground. Whether this christening will be considered good is not for me to say.”