Inland Taipan
(aka Fierce)
0.025 Isolated to channel country of Cooper Creek and Diamantina River. Attacks with unrestrained ferocity if provoked.
Eastern Brown 0.053 Found in a wide area of eastern Australia from Cape York peninsula to St Vincents Gulf. Prefers dry country. Active only during day. Extremely fast and very ferocious attacker, producing a series of bites.
Coastal Taipan 0.099 Found in north parts of Australia extending along the coast to south of Brisbane. Longest venomous snake. The fangs of the Taipan are the longest of any of Australia’s venomous snakes. It is a copious producer of venom. Extremely aggressive if cornered or attacked and strikes with great speed, numerous times. After a number of bites it may take hold.
Mainland Tiger 0.118 Generally not aggressive unless provoked. Strikes low to ground (<300mm). Produces large quantities of venom. Average length is one metre. Found only in south-east Australia.
Black Tiger Snakes 0.131 – 0.338 Also known as Western Tiger Snake or Norne in south-west WA. Also found in SA islands and Tasmania.
Death Adder 0.40 Unlike all other Australian snakes it does not retreat when a human approaches, however, it only bites when touched. Produces large quantities of venom.
Speckled Brown 0.36 Limited to central Qld. Active during day. Highly strung but not very aggressive.
Western Brown
(aka Gwardar)
0.47 Found in most areas of Australia, excluding the range of Dugite and Eastern Brown. Not as aggressive as Eastern Brown. Active only during day.
Copperhead 0.56 Not aggressive and relatively inaccurate. Found only in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania.
Dugite 0.66 Found in south-west WA. Nervous and aggressive. Less than 2 metres in length.
Rough Scaled 1.36 Found south-east Queensland to northern NSW. Nervous and always attacks. Average length is 700mm.
Stephens Banded 1.36 Found south-east Queensland to northern NSW. Aggressive. Average length is 600mm. Lives in trees.
Spotted Black 2.13 Found south-east Queensland to northern NSW. Average length 1.25m. Tries to avoid contact. Whistles when provoked.
(aka King Brown)
2.38 Aggressive and strikes rapidly and repeatedly and may chew. Grows to 3m plus. Produces more venom than other Australian snakes.
Colletts 2.38 Limited to central Queensland. Hunts by day.
Red Bellied Black 2.5 Virtually same distribution as the Eastern Brown. Makes bluffing strikes if cornered and will generally try to escape. Undeserved fearsome reputation.
Eastern Small Eye 2.67 Coastal areas of eastern Australia from Victoria to Cape York. Active only at night. Not aggressive.