J.O. Oxley surveyed the area in 1892, locating and naming Wogolin Soak.

Alf Ellis, a shop owner in Wickepin, established a trading business at Wogolin in 1909 and opened the Wogolin Store in 1911.

A school was opened in 1911 but closed in 1919 after a decline in pupil numbers.

The construction of the railway and the establishment of a new town, Dudinin, eight kilometres south between 1913 and 1914 heralded the decline of Wogolin.

Ellis relocated his Wogolin shop to Dudinin in 1915. The hall and the school followed in 1921.

J.O. Oxley (1892) Field Book 13 page 49 – Original Plan Williams 109.
Geonoma, Landgate.


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