Yingyounging Rockhole

C.E. Dempster, Andrew Dempster, Charles Harper, and B.D. Clarkson explored this area in 1861. Charles Cooke Hunt travelled through the area in early 1864 and Clarkson, Harper and Lionel Lukin were there again in mid-1864. After they had spent three days at Jimbine Rockhole, making daily forays into the surrounding area, they moved 28 kilometres west across the extension of the Helena and Aurora Range to Yinyoungning Rockhole where there was more water.

In August 2008 Lesley and Michael Brooker rediscovered Yinyoungning Rockhole. Like Jimbine, the rockhole is a natural basin in the conglomerate sandstone rock. Again, like Jimbine, there is ample evidence of early aboriginal occupation of the area in the numerous worked flints surrounding it.

There is no track leading to Yinyoungning. The vegetation surrounding the rockhole is thick eucalypt woodland and acacia shrubland. At the rockhole there is a clearing almost devoid of vegetation allowing for spectacular views of the Mount Jackson Range.

For more information on Yinyoungning Rockhole and the 1864 expedition itself see Lesley Brooker’s excellent book Explorers Routes Revisited Clarkson Expedition 1864 available from Hesperian Press.


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