Frankland River Circuit

The Frankland River Circuit is a labyrinthian route that highlights numerous features along the Frankland River north of Walpole and the coast to the south.

The circuit is 100 kilometres and starts and finishes in Walpole.

It takes in Nornalup Inlet, the Knoll, Hilltop Lookout, Giant Tingle Tree, Frankland River, Circular Pool, Tree Top Walk, Ancient Empire, Conspicuous Cliffs, Sappers Bridge, Tingle Drive, and Monastery Landing.

The Frankland River Circuit is one of the best short drives in Western Australia, packed with quality highlights, amazing views, beautiful sights, peaceful walks and fabulous forests within sight of the Southern Ocean and close to Walpole.

A more adventurous add-on option to Circuit is Bellanger (Blue Holes) Beaches between Conspicuous Cliffs and Nornalup Inlet that will add an extra 10 kilometres to the journey and a perspective totally different from the Frankland River Circuit.

The Frankland River Circuit is not signposted and for the journey to ‘work’ it must travelled in a specific sequence. Download the PDF Frankland River Circuit.

GPX File Frankland River Circuit – 0054 Frankland River Circuit

GPX File Blue Holes – 4007 Bellanger Beaches


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