Gibb River Road to the Australian Safari

From Perth to Kununurra, via the Gibb River Road, for the 2007 Australian Safari.

Yannerie Pool

The drive north was uneventful and, apart from a stop at Yannerie Pool, I recorded only the Gibb River Road portion of the Road Trip.


The Willare Bridge Roadhouse is immediately on the north side of the mighty Fitzroy River, 30 kilometres before the Great Northern Highway and the Derby Highway diverge.

The Gibb River Road turnoff is a further 36 kilometres north on the Derby Highway.

Windjana Gorge

128 kilometres to the east the iconic, easily accessible Windjana Gorge has been carved through the Napier Range (an ancient Devonian reef) by the Lennard River.

Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge, the most famous of the gorges along the Gibb, is about 95 kilometres east of Windjana (turnoff to turnoff).


Two Flat Tyres and a Tech Screw in a Third One

At the top of the hill overlooking Home Valley Station I got out from behind the wheel to take a break from driving. As I walked around the back of the vehicle Kim said, “We’ve got a flat!”. I said, “Yeah, I know.”  He said, “No, not that side, this side.” I said, “This side!” We had two flats.

Changed them both and as Kim walked past front of the vehicle he said, “Hey, have a look at this.” There was a tech screw in the left front tyre. What luck. We crawled into HVS and I bought new tyres all round.

Australian Safari at Kununurra

We drove into Kununurra for the start of the 2007 Australian Safari – the first in Western Australia.



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