Part 5 – Bell Gorge to Kununurra along the Gibb River Road

Day 13 Silent Grove to Home Valley Station

It’s about 10 kilometres from the Silent Grove campground out to the Gibb River Road. Once back on the Gibb we passed the Isdell Range and continued north-east.

All too soon it was time to return to the vehicle. It was a long walk back. The flies were friendly.

From Manning Gorge we continued generally east past Mt Barnett. The road follows a stock route from Mt Barnett to about where it crosses the Hann River at which point its course becomes more northerly.

The Gibb River after which the road is named does not actually cross it. The closest the road gets to to the river is a couple of kilometres before the Kalumburu Road intersection in the Gibb Range at which point is 1.7 kilometres distant.

We didn’t have time to drive the 267 kilometres to Kalumburu.

We crested the Pentecost Range to be rewarded with magnificent views of the Pentecost River Valley and Cockburn Range. With concentration one could see Home Valley Station, our destination and planned stop for the night.

Kimberley nightlife, outback style, as delivered by Home Valley Station.

Day 14 Home Valley Station to Parry Creek Farm

Home Valley Station overlooks the Bindoola Creek which flows into the Pentecost River. It is a working  cattle station that, since 2006, has diversified into providing tourism services. At just over 14000 square kilometres it is the largest station in Western Australia and the fifth largest in Australia. It is larger in area than 40 sovereign nations of the world.

After we packed the camper trailer we followed a few station tracks down to the Pentecost River. There was no doubting we were in ‘croc country’.

We were nearing the end of our adventure along the Gibb River Road but there was still the ‘jewels’ of Zebedee Springs and Emma Gorge (in El Questro Wilderness Park) to come.

Emma Gorge Resort is 22 km from Zebedee Springs – both part of El Questro.

The walk to the swimming hole at the top of the gorge takes about 30 minutes.

We drove out of Emma Gorge and turned left onto the Gibb for the last 25 kilometres of its length. It T junctions with the Great Northern Highway near Mount Harrison. The Highway runs a further 50 kilometres north to Wyndham giving it a total length from Perth of 3200 kilometres. It is the longest highway in Australia. Left to Wyndham, right to Kununurra. Just before Wyndham is The Grotto.


Leaving The Grotto it was a short drive to colourful, historic Wyndham – the hottest town in Australia. Wyndham is at the bottom of the Cambridge Gulf – the endpoint of five rivers (Durack, Pentecost, Ord, King, and Forrest).

No visit to Wyndham is complete without a visit to Five Rivers Lookout at the top of the Bastion.

We preferred Parry Creek Farm for our overnight stop. It is in the Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve – 36,000 hectares of pristine wilderness that is a Wetland of International Importance. The Reserve is a feeding and breeding ground for many migratory waders. It is also a drought refuge for all of the Kimberley’s waterbirds.

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