Phrathat Yakhu

Phrathat Yaku is an octagonal-shaped chedi, made of bricks and constructed across three periods:

The pedestal was constructed in a redented (saw tooth) square shape, with staircases at the four cardinal directions and decorated with stucco, built during the Dvaravati period.
The upper pedestal was an octagonal structure, built on top of the original one and supporting an old chedi of the Ayutthaya period.
The body and the top were created in the Rattanakosin period.

There are boundary stones with bas-reliefs around the chedi depicting the life of the Lord Buddha.

Legend has it that when Mueang Chiang Som won the battle for Fa Daet Song Yang they destroyed everything except for Phrathat Yakhu which is why the Phrathat is still in reasonable condition today.

The remains of five square brick structures (bases only) in various states of repair are still visible in a north-south direction south of the chedi. Boundary or perimeter stones, known as semas, are positioned around the chedi.


11042-Wat Ku Mithila and Phrathat Yakhu Day Trip


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