Toad Museum is a Quirky Gem

Thailand has many unusual attractions to give relief from the seemingly never-ending list of wats (temples) that somehow get on the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s list as highlights – and one of the quirkiest of them all is a Toad Museum at Yasathon.

It is accompanied by a quality display of The Snakes of Thailand and diaromas of the mythical tale of the Naga presented inside an impressively large building built in the shape of a Naga.

The Toad Museum presents the story of Praya Kankak, the toad prince who saved mankind from flooding by beating the god of rain. After winning the battle, Praya Kankak reached an agreement with the god – humans would tell him when they are ready to receive rain by launching a rocket into the sky. This is how the famous Yasothon Rocket Festival started.

The Toad Museum is way more impressive and entertaining than one would expect. Who knew there are 13 different species of toad distributed right around the world. And although they have same life cycle as frogs (eggs, tadpole, adult) the toad is generally an unwelcome sight whereas frogs are usually an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

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