Lake Brown Track

Although only eight kilometres in length, the track following the southern edge of Lake Brown is loads of fun.

Start at Eaglestone Rock and follow the track to the margin of the lake. As the track heads east it tightens, gets powdery, and requires your undivided attention. Your vehicle will get some more bush pinstriping.

There is a deviation to the south at 31º 7’18.4”S 118º 17’ 25.8”E – about 6.9 km from the start point.

Should you find yourself on a narrow finger of land with Lake Brown to your left, a small lake to your right (actually another part of Lake Brown) and only motorbike tracks ahead, you know you have missed the turn.

Return to the deviation and continue east. This track runs south of the small lake mentioned above. In 1.70 km you will arrive at a causeway across the lake.

Start     31º 5’2.5”S 118º 14’ 33.8”E
Finish   31º 7’ 44.2”S 118º 18’ 18.7”E
Distance    8.6 km

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