White Temple Thailand 2018

A unique attraction.

In striving for pristine perfection Thai artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat delivers the most brilliant temple in Thailand.

Clearly subjective analysis, however, the White Temple demonstrably lives up to this claim. The ornate and even bizarre artwork of the principal building of this work-in-progress is white on dazzling white, highlighted by fragments of mirrored glass embedded in the building’s exterior.

The colour white symbolises the purity of the Buddha.

The Thai name for the White Temple is Wat Rong Khun although it is more of an art exhibition than a Wat.

Apart from the purity of white, the Naga serpents and other mythical creatures, and the positioning of the temple’s guardians and deities, have a symbolic meaning. The common theme is that of escaping greed and desire and moving towards enlightenment through Buddha’s teachings.

The glittering white, enhanced by a myriad of tiny mirrors, covers the building from top to bottom. This colour theme and artwork extends to the surrounding statues, bridges, and fences to the extent that on a sunny day the complex is difficult to look at without dark glasses.

Adjacent buildings depart from the white theme – the building housing the toilets is an entirely gold coloured structure featuring ornate exterior decorations. It must surely be the best decorated ‘restroom’ in the world.

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