Hyden-Norseman Road

I have been travelling HNR since the 80s and have seen it progressively improve. Development of mines in Forrestania and the consequent hauling of ore by road trains to Kambalda for processing ensured the eastern end of the road was always well maintained
It was going to be Eyre Highway [link].
The main reasons for using Hyden Norseman Road to get to Norseman and beyond rather than Great Eastern Highway is that:
it is about 100 km shorter
there is less traffic
the road is in better condition than GEH (even the gravel)
it is quicker because you don’t get held up behind trucks and caravans
it is an easy, comfortable and non-stressful drive.

The distance from Hyden to Norseman is 302 kilometres.

Joondalup to Norseman
Via Coolgardie – 741 km
Via Hyden – 663 km

Perth to Norseman
Via Coolgardie – 721 km
Via Hyden – 633 km

Cockburn to Norseman
Via Coolgardie – 737 km
Via Hyden – 631 km

The Drive

Hyden and Wave Rock

The small wheatbelt town of Hyden is located 330 kilometres south-east of Perth.

Over many years the community and commercial enterprises have been very successful in promoting Hyden Rock (a granite outcrop) as Wave Rock and, more recently, they have marketed an ugly, unprepossessing, barren, unnamed salt lake (rebadged as Magic Lake) as a desirable tourist destination. Geez!

Hippos Yawn

Hippos Yawn is a wonderfully geological oddity, known as a tafone.

The Humps

Off Road Racing


Water Harvesting at:

The Humps
Wave Rock
King Rocks

More information

East Hyden Wheat Bin

State Barrier Fence

Holland Track

Interpretative Sites

The Breakaways

McDermid Rock
Discovered by.. Named by

Disappointment Rock
Discovered by.. Named by

Victoria Rock Road

Joins HNR to GEH. XXXkm Victoria Rock is XXX to the north. Gnarlbine XX further on



Lake Johnson

Size, named by, after

Named after John Forrest by

Flying Fox Mine

Lounge Lizard Mine

Circle Drive Campground

Woodlands Campground

Theatre Rock
xx km off to the north

Mort Haslett Drive

Lake Cowan Lookout



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