Day 10 – Poondarrie Rocks to Perth

The late arrival yesterday evening meant that we were unable to explore the area so we made amends this morning.

There was a difficult-to-see boggy patch on the track to the top of the hill. Mike got caught. People came from everywhere – with cameras. The first bogging of the trip.

Time to go to the top of the hill.

The communications tower on the top of Poondarrie Hill was installed against all advice from the locals. A track into the rock was graded by the telco for construction access. The track now turns into a quagmire whenever it rains. Somebody in a office somewhere looked at the map and decided that Poondarrie Hill was the only suitable location and that was it – despite local advice of a number of other, better locations nearby.

I went back to camp to check that nothing had been left behind while everyone else made their way out through Narloo.

We headed south to Mullewa.  Just north of the town we stopped to see the elusive wreath flower. This amazing plant grows to approx 50mm high by 400mm across. It is wreath like in shape with succulent branches radiating out from the centre. The plant flowers August to October and dies back to root stock during summer. It grows best in disturbed areas (burnt, graded) and is unique to a narrow area of Western Australia 150 km x 400 km (East Kalbarri to east of Wubin).

Further south we stopped at Coalseam Conservation Park, one of the few spots on earth where coal is present at the surface.

After lunch we went to the top of Mingenew Hill.

We took the Mingenew South Road out of town, a more direct route that brought us to the Eneabba-Three Springs Road.  It was then onto the Brand Highway and a straight run home.

Some Comments

“The tour exceeded my expectations beyond what I would have perceived. It was fun but also really informative. I saw things that I didn’t know existed and had so much fun with the people we went with.”

“This ‘Outback Gorges Tour” would have to be one of the best holidays and trips I have done. I have travelled the world but doing this was breathtaking. Carrawine Gorge was spectacular. Seeing Karijini, no one can prepare you for the “wow” factor that has, truly amazing.”

“Climbing Mount Augustus was an experience to say the least, but what an experience.  I laughed so much on this trip, it was so fantastic and I’m sad it’s over.”

“Thank you Kim for sharing your knowledge and experience, I had a fantastic trip, one I will never forget and one I will definitely expand on in the future. Thank you once again it was an amazing adventure to say the least. Loved every single minute and wouldn’t change a thing.”


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