Day 2 – Paynes Find to Doolgunna

Although Youanmi is abandoned, a mine is still active there. From the quick arrival of the caretaker to where we had parked to view the pit it was clear that their surveillance camera system worked efficiently. He was keen to ensure that we were not going to camp the night.

Smiling, we departed and continued our road trip to Sandstone.

Before we met Lady Di at Sandstone we took the opportunity to do the ‘tourist loop’ – the Sandstone Heritage Trail.

First up was the brewery, a bush construction that incorporated an ingenious method of keeping beer cool.

Next stop on the Heritage Trail was London Bridge.

Contradiction Well is on the Sandstone-Agnew Road and is part of the Heritage Trail.

By the time 19 people had lunch and 12 vehicles were refuelled we had done our bit for the Sandstone economy.

Rounding up the crew to get the push north continuing was like herding cats. We turned left off the Sandstone-Wiluna Road towards Meekatharra. A short time later a message came over the radio – “A vehicle is on its side”. Not what one wants to hear!

All vehicles at the front of the convoy turned around. The news came through that Aaron’s Patrol was on its side but he was ok.

The recovery operation was successful and quick.  The vehicle suffered only minor damage and was soon declared ‘fit to continue’. And that is what we did.  We had only three hours of daylight left to get to our planned campsite at Doolgunna Station.

The dirt road finished at Meekatharra.  After refuelling we pushed north on the Great Northern Highway.

I located the track into Doolgunna and headed west for about a kilometre before finding an ideal clearing that served perfectly for our overnight stay.


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