Day 5 – Carawine Gorge to Karijini

Carawine Gorge in the morning is spectacular.

The Oakover River cuts through the red sandstone of the southern part of the Ripon Hills to create a magnificent gorge and swimming hole.

Before hitting the bitumen at the end of the Carawine Gorge track we stopped to inflate tyres.

Carrie took off along Woodie Woodie Road on her morning run, wtih Nick following in the Jeep.

Once on the bitumen out of Carawine Gorge it was a fast run along the Ripon Hills Road through some of the most beautiful scenery in the east Pilbara.





On arrival in Marble Bar the word over the radio was that there was no fuel in town. That furphy was soon debunked and we all lined up at the Marble Bar Travellers Rest servo.

The planned drink at Marble Bar’s iconic Ironclad Hotel had to be abandoned as the pub didn’t open till midday.

We headed out to the famous ‘marble’ bar across the Coongan River, a few kilometres west of town. The bar is comprised of jasper.

Further down the Coongan River is Chinaman Pool, a great spot to stop for lunch.

The Comet Mining Museum is just a few kilometres out of Marble Bar.

Leaving Comet Mine the road trip continued south west through station country, duelling with road trains hauling ore from various mines until we hit the Great Northern Highway and headed south towards Auski Roadhouse.

At Auski we refuelled and showered before heading off to Karijini.

On arrival at Dales Campground we were confronted by ‘Campground Full’ signs. Fortunately there was an ‘overflow’ campsite.

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