Pallinup Beach

A magnificent beach where the Pallinup River meets the Southern Ocean. The substantial bar between the river and ocean means that the river rarely debouches into the sea.

The water behind the bar is often referred to as Pallinup Estuary although its official name is Beaufort Inlet (named after the British Navy Admiral who devised the Beaufort Wind Scale).

Pallinup Beach (WA Beach 326) is east facing (and therefore somewhat protected) and extends about 200 metres north-east from the northern exit/access track to about 300 metres south past where Pallinup Road provides access – a length of about 2.2 kilometres.

A 22 km track leads from Pallinup Beach to Borden Bremer Bay Road.  The approach to the exit track from the beach is soft, making the task more difficult that it looks.


Once off the beach the track presents a few challenges before opening out.



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