Port Gregory Australia Day

In line with the great Australian tradition of long weekends, our four and half day celebration of Australia Day started on Wednesday for the six hour trek north to Port Gregory.

After a number of years of adventures ‘down south’ at Pemberton and Windy Harbour for our nation’s birthday bash it was determined that a new locale was needed and as I cast an eye over the the many fantastic destinations our great state has to offer, Port Gregory, a small town and fishing port in the Mid West region, beckoned.

Twenty people in 11 vehicles made the journey to Port Gregory.

A Perfect Australia Day at a Glorious Beach

The Port Gregory Caravan Park is very close to the beach and we booked out a large part of the powered camping area. Our usual practice is to to do the ‘big 4WD day’ on the first day of any trip while everyone is keen but Matt told me that Thursday was looking great for a ‘day at the beach’ and the remainder of the break less so. It was an easy decision to swap around the planning.

It was hot early. Anywhere on the Port Gregory beach is ideal and we set up a comfortable ‘camp’ for the day only a few hundred metres south of the  jetty.

Reef Diving

Matt and Dan went out to the reef to do some diving.

When they came back in with some fish others were keen to join them.

Dune Sliding Excitement

Scott and Helen went for a walk along the beach and met a group that had set up a water slide from the dunes to the beach.  They had run out of petrol for their pump. We swapped petrol for access to the slide!


On the way to the water slide in Matt’s inflatable we came across a family of dolphins.

Surf Massage

The breaking surf massage was an interesting experience.

Cocktail Hour

Time to leave the beach and return to the caravan park for our ritual cocktail party.

Boules is not exactly a traditional Aussie game but it kept the crowd amused between cocktails.

Yes you can drive from Port Gregory to Kalbarri along the Beach

There is a lot of conjecture, online argument and downright misinformation about whether it is possible to drive from Port Gregory to Kalbarri and avoid private property that extends close to the beach

How we did it.


After a short delay to get everyone in line with the pre-determined schedule we left Port Gregory for the fishing and holiday hamlet of Horrocks.

Thirty kilometres south-east of Port Gregory, Horrocks is popular for swimming, fishing, surfing, diving, and windsurfing .

We aired down before heading north on the beach – not knowing that there is a much quicker way to the dunes.

It was evident fairly quickly that the beach was not the way forward. We turned off the beach into Horrocks Dunes, a huge, wide open area of high dunes.

Loud Shirt Day at Horrocks Dunes

Today was designated ‘Loud Shirt Day’ despite Nick’s protestations that is was just so I could feel better about my wardrobe.


We drove to the end of dunes where there is a great view of the coastline from a high razorback dune.

Horrocks Beach

It was then back to the beach.

I got stuck on the beach and Matt got stuck snatching me out. We had to use the MaxTrax to extricate Matt and then added in an extra snatch strap to get me mobile again.

We then turned off that part of the beach and found the track that lead to the swimming beach.

After lunch we returned to the Horrocks Dunes and Matt found a high steep dune to tackle.

Greg negotiated the dune easily but at the bottom he rolled the left tyres of their rims. Fortunately there was no damage done to the rubber. Once we got Greg mobile is was time to head back to the Caravan Park at Port Gregory.

Lynton Convict Hiring Depot

The next morning we packed up in pouring rain and headed home, stopping at the Lynton Convict Hiring Depot ruins along the way.

There’s enough attractions, enough dunes, enough challenges to warrant another trip to Port Gregory (or perhaps Lucky Bay) for Australia Day in 2018.


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