Yenyenning-Bendering-The Humps

We camped at Yenyenning Lakes, 20 kilometres north-east of Brookton on the Friday night of our Road Trip.

The sandblasting from near gale force winds abated about 4.00 a.m. The preceding eight hours were an incredible experience. The unprecedented wind strength combined with loose sand on the margins of the lake was something none of us had previously experienced. Unpleasant in the extreme.

While in the vicinity of the lakes we visited County Peak, the outfall of the lakes and Boyagerra Pool.

Joe’s V8 Chev-powered GQ ute was running rough and lacked power. We stopped at Corrigin and refuelled but we were not hopeful of finding a filter to fit his vehicle. Fortunately, the auto electrical shop owner was at his premises doing paperwork and was able to supply a filter.

Not long after we hit Bendering Road Joe called up on the radio and pulled off the road. The engine was showing the same symptoms as in Corrigin.

Eventually Mushy and Santokh drove back to Corrigin and bought an inline filter which was installed between the tank and the engine. Problem solved.

The vehicle breakdown placed us behind schedule, however, we had time to stop at Mulkas Cave at The Humps, north of Hyden.

Roes Dam to the north is touted as a birdwatchers’ paradise and a worthwhile place to visit. Underwhelming.

Daylight hours were diminishing as we headed west to Narembeen, past the ‘blink and you will miss it’ Mile of Boots attraction.

The Shire-run Caravan Park has excellent facilities including a kitchen, laundry and ensuite style shower/toilets.

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