Baxter Cliffs – the World’s Most Spectacular Cliffs

The Baxter Cliffs are said to be the most spectacular in the world and run from Twilight Cove to Point Culver further west, a distance of 160 kilometres. Between Twilight Cove and Eucla they are located away from the coast and are known as the Hampton Scarp. From Wilson Bluff east of Eucla they again form the coastline but they are termed the Wilson Cliffs in this area.

The Baxter Cliffs are named in honour of John Baxter, who was with John Eyre during their historic east-west crossing of the continent. Baxter was murdered by two of the aboriginal members of the party near here. Unable to dig a grave for him because of the solid rock surface, Eyre wrapped his body in blankets, covered it with rocks and left. Forty years later the bones were found by ‘Iron Man’ Graham, Postmaster at Eyre Telegraph Station and taken to Perth. Their location today is a mystery.


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