Pre Start

We spent the morning sorting out equipment and preparing the boats. Obtaining NSW boat drivers’ licence was a priority.

After having been informed of our great adventure by those who  went into Albury to get their boat drivers’ licences, journalists from the Border Mail and the regional television station arrived at the Hume Weir to record the start of our journey.

We launched the boats in a backwater about 100 metres from the weir wall. Weed around the props caused problems initially but eventually each of the boats was able to get on the plane in an adequate distance.

Greg and Michael made a short sortie downstream in an attempt to ascertain water depth.  They reported that the water was shallow but of sufficient depth. How wrong they were to be!

After what seemed an interminably long time all was ready and the boats got underway.  It was expected that the run to Albury would take only 20 minutes so it was a made scramble for the land crew (Tony and me) to get going.

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