Naming of Mt Frankland

Dr J.B.Wilson, R.N. named this mountain in December 1829, after the Surveyor General of Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) at the time – George Frankland (1800-1838).

On his exploration trip in December 1829 to the north and west of Albany, Wilson named and climbed Mt Lindesay. From the top of this hill Wilson noted how conspicuous the hills in the region were and stated that they would be grand points in a trigonometrical survey of the country, and named them after the then Surveyors General in Australia.

Mount Roe after Western Australia’s Surveyor General, John Septimus Roe, Mount Mitchell after Sir Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor General of New South Wales and Mount Frankland after the Surveyor General of Van Diemens Land, George Frankland.

The aboriginal name for Mount Frankland, Caldyanup, was first recorded by Staff Commander W.E. Archdeacon in 1877.

See Naming of Mt Lindesay.


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